How It Works?

What Goes into Making an Explainer Video?

You know that the right way to make a video is with a full-service production company.

But what does full-service mean? When you’re new to the process, animated video production can seem like a black box.

Money goes in, something happens, and a few weeks later, out pops a fresh baked video.

You probably have a lot of questions, like “Why does it cost so much?”, “Why does it take so long?” and “Why is that turkey wearing a sombrero?”

To get your answers, we’ll need to look inside the black box. Oops, not that black box. This one.

First, the creative director talks to you on the phone, researches your business, your competitors, and your industry, and creates a plan for your video.

Then a professional script writer needs to turn your information into an effective, witty, and charming video script.

This is the most important stage, because a bad script equals a bad video, so they’ll probably go through several drafts before they’re ready to share.

There’s a project manager, who is available by phone or email anytime, and works with all their clients throughout the process to ensure expectations are met, and makes sure you know where your video is at.

When the script is established, another person has to transform the text into a storyboard, so you get a grasp on the visuals.

A talented artist uses their imagination to come up with scenes that communicate your message in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Once that’s finished, the real hard work begins. A team of dedicated, detail-oriented people grind away, meticulously illustrating every element of every frame of every scene in the video.

And, once they’re done, the animation team needs to make the illustrations come to life by adding movement.

Oh, and a professional voice actor has to record the script, in a recording studio with the best equipment, and it usually requires multiple takes.

After, a video editor has to put it all together. And a sound engineer needs to add in the perfect music and unique sound effects.

The whole time, the creative director and project manager are available to talk about progress and feedback.

You can make as many revisions as you need throughout the process, so any one of these stages might need to be repeated a few times to get it just right.

So by the time we’re done…this many people have spent hundreds of man-hours working on it.

And you get a beautiful hand-crafted video masterpiece.

So why is that turkey wearing a sombrero?

Turkey: “Because they don’t have Thanksgiving in Mexico.”

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