Live Action vs. Animation

Live Action vs. Animation

Live Action vs. Animated Explainer Video

Let’s tackle the age-old question that even Aristotle could not answer (because he didn’t have videos back then, duh):

Should my video be Live Action or Animated?

While there are no wrong answers to this, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the video about the idea or is it to show off the product?
  • How many uses do you want to repurpose this video for?
  • Will you need to update your video frequently?
  • What’s YOUR reason for leaning one way or the other?

Now, keep your answers in mind for later.

The Live Action Process

To start, Live Action involves an entirely different production method than typical animation.

While Hollywood has the budget to go crazy, I think we can safely say your budget will be somewhere under a few hundred million. That means you’ll need to keep things simple.

BUT even the most understated scripts still need:

  1. Location
  2. Cast
  3. Directors
  4. Props
  5. Wardrobe
  6. Editor
  7. And many more movie-making aspects….

All That For One Video?! What’s the Point?

Relatability! Reputability! Recognition!

(AKA the three Rs of Live Action.)

Live Action brings a distinct realness that stands out for its authenticity. On top of showing your real product, live-action connects with the audience from an empathic standpoint.

There are a few ways to show viewers that you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is:

  • Cast your CEO to show how committed you are!
  • Got a physical product? Shoot it in Live Action to show it in ACTION!
  • Use real customers giving authentic reactions!

Aging With Grace

There is a flipside to the trust you build with Live Action. It can erode over time if your video doesn’t age well.

Trends are constantly shifting on the internet. Your video can look in one day and obsolete the next. And, going back to change your live action video will be costly.

**TIP: Keep your scripts timeless and avoid topical jokes! This will prolong the life of your video!**

Re-doing your live action video involves reassembling your team, which can be tedious, costly, and sometimes downright impossible.

Why Pick One Style?

But let’s step out of the binary for a second.

True or False: You can combine both Live Action AND Animation.


This new trend in the world of online video content is a no-brainer to some.

  1. Shoot live action
  2. Throw in some animation
  3. BOOM! You’ve got yourself a video that can easily be edited if need be.

Still not sure what style you want, OR ready to move forward? Schedule a call to get started!

Animation PROS

Live Action PROS

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