Tips For Making The Video Production Process Go Smoothly

Explainer Video Production

At VideoLofty, we’re not a big fan of rules. Creativity should be set free!

That’s why we offer unlimited revisions and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

However, there are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure the production process goes as smoothly as possible, and you end up with the best possible video!

First, it’s important to understand that the standard production process happens in stages.

At the script stage, we’ll work on the language your voice over will use, and initial ideas for the animation.

In the storyboard phase, we’ll sketch out the scenes that will eventually appear in your video.

In the illustration phase, we’ll draw in the details of those scenes.

And in the animation phase, we’ll put it all together with movement, voiceover, and music.

You have unlimited revisions at each stage, but we expect each stage to be mostly locked in before moving forward.

That means making major changes to the script or storyboard at the animation stage is frowned upon.

Keep in mind that for Rush projects, we’ll be going straight from script to animation, so it’s important to read the animation notes very carefully.

Second, please send your notes to us in an email, so we can keep track of what you asked for during different stages of production.

When giving feedback on the script, feel free to edit the document directly.

When giving feedback on the storyboard, please reference the scene number.

When giving feedback on the illustrations, please reference the file name.

And when giving feedback on a completed video, please reference the timestamp where the note applies.

Regarding timing, we’re going to try as hard as we can to finish your video as quickly as possible.

But we can never guarantee a specific deadline, because the process relies on how quickly you respond, and how many revisions you ask us to make.

So if you want your video done as soon as possible, respond as fast as you can to our requests for feedback or approval.

And if you aren’t able to get to it for a while, just let us know there might be a delay, so we don’t get worried about you.

If you miss our beautiful voices, feel free to call us on the phone.

But sometimes we won’t be able to pick up right away.

So leave a voicemail, and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

Or better yet, schedule a call so you can be sure we’ll have enough time to speak.

And that’s about it!

We want this process to be easy and fun for you, so if you have any questions or concerns, drop us a line!

We help you create the right video and distributed to be seen by the right people, producing the right result to GROW your business. Fast process. Unlimited revisions. 100% satisfaction. Creative guys. All video styles available.

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