What Are You REALLY Selling? (Hint: It’s Not Your Product)

What Are You REALLY Selling? (Hint: It’s Not Your Product)

What Are You Really Selling?

Some of the most seasoned companies/well-established businesses (like you!) don’t really understand what they’re selling.

Most of these clients are on the hunt for the perfect video to explain their latest business venture. Or promote their hot new product. Or update their staff on the newest anti-harassment policies.

The one thing all of these clients have in common is the desire to grow their business.

That’s what we sell: growth.

We don’t just sell a combination of the right script, the right voice, and the right visuals to achieve your business goals. Just like you don’t buy a hammer to sit on the shelf, you buy a hammer to hammer a friggin’ nail.

A video is simply a tool we create for you to grow your business.

So, here’s your homework: sit down and start listing out what you actually sell. Here are some of the most common points:

  • Livelihood
  • Growth
  • Time
  • Convenience
  • Status
  • Experience
  • Security
  • Health
  • Knowledge
  • Joy (although I think Coca Cola trademarked this?)

“So, why is this important?”

Well, because your prospects don’t really care about much else… especially when you first meet them. We know you’ve spent the last 10 years developing your groundbreaking new technology, and you’re proud of every single feature,, down to the last panel, button, and widget. But at this stage, the features of your product are only good for putting your viewers to sleep. .

Your prospects are already inundated by over 20,000 brand messages a day, so please – do us all a favor – and get to the point!

“But, my features are important, right?”

Yes, but later, once they’ve seen the true  value in your service. Don’t be that person who spills all their guts on the first date ( – nobody likes that person).

Until you understand what your company sells, there is no such thing as the “perfect video”.

“Well, what if I have multiple selling points, smarty-pants?”

Great! Lots of companies do. But, which is most important to your audience?

The true beauty of video marketing is the ability to easily split and test all of your selling points with your audience. Don’t be afraid to shorten your videos and stick to one selling point per message. What points are catching fire? What’s blowing in the wind? Once you understand what’s truly important to your audience, then you can begin making informed decisions about your marketing, branding, and, you know, the actual product.

And if you need help figuring any of this out, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me here.

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